About Us


                                                                      Md. Tariqul Islam                                                                                                                                             Md. Barikul Islam  

                                                                       CEO                                                                                                                                                                   Managing Partner         

                   Company Background:

                    Business Tracker started its journey in 2013.On the very first day of it’s journey, the members of the Business                                                                         Tracker set mission to provide it’s clients the best possible IT equipment in Bangladesh.

                    Our customer are our business partners, their satisfaction is our success. Excellence in supplying, service and                                                                             support is our prime objective. 

                    Objectives of the Company:

                    Operations of entire company are designed and administered in accordance with the derivatives objectives:

                ·         To create a friendly, warm atmosphere for our clients, which allows them to choose and buy their                                                               computers according to their individual tastes and requirements.

                ·         To deliver best possible office equipment, audio visual products, networking products to the customers                                                at affordable price.

                ·         To extend best possible service to the customers in selecting products and also providing after sales                                                           service with utmost sincerity.

                    Mission of the Company:

                    The company longs to earn affection and fascination of customers’ mind by: 

                ·         To build a beautiful tomorrow, keeping in mind the frequent changes in taste and needs of a modern lifestyle. Combining practicality with aesthetic qualities,

                   we will constantly endeavor to maintain our clients’ valued confidence.

                ·         Providing best quality and standard range of products within their affordability.

                ·         Offering competitive price at any standard.

                ·         Integrating larger emerging user class.

                    Vision of the Company: 

                    The company believes in corporate structure and has the visions to cherish:

                ·         Very innovative marketing style with standard range of products for Offices, Training, Security                                                   and Entertainment and so on. 

                ·         Building up effective marketing network through corporates, dealers and resellers.

                ·         Business Tracker has become a trusted name in the Computer Business in Bangladesh. From                                                      beginning, the company has earned the confidence and goodwill of its clients, within a short                 span of time,

                ·         Business Tracker has grown into a renowned and dependable organization, building elegant,                                                   aesthetically pleasing structures in computing that grace the finest shape of our National                 Economy.

                Fields of Business Activities: 

                Business Tracker always presents the best quality products and guaranteed to ensure durability                                                 and customer satisfaction and doing so:

                Primary Line of Business: We supply, support & service of all kind of IT product as: Desktop PC,                                                     Laptop, Tablet PC,

                Server& Workstation, UPS, Printer, Copier& Consumable, Camera, Security Camera, Component,                                                 Accessories, Multimedia Projector,

                Networking Equipment, POS Solution, Bar-code Label Solution& Software etc.

                Area of Focus Business: Business Tracker provides services in following sectors: 

            ·         Complete solutions of Networking

            ·         Total Solution of POS equipment

            ·         Sales of Audio Visual Products

            ·         Complete solutions of Digital Classroom

            ·         Rental Services of Audio and Visual Products

            ·         Providing onsite training on operating audio visual products 

            ·         Complete solutions of Sound System

            ·         Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): On-Line & Off-Line.

            Service & Support:

            After sales support and service is one of the vital issues in IT sector. Taking that under consideration we                                    can say with pride that we don’t sell box!

            Our hardware department is made by qualified, trained and experienced engineer. Our range of support                                   covered multi product. 

            From the very beginning our motto has been “CUSTOMER FIRST”! For the quality service,]

            our customer service department has earned the satisfaction and trust of our respected clients.